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John H. Howard, Sr.

During his 31-year presidency of the Palm Beach County Black Business Investment Corporation (PBCBBIC), Mr. Howard lead this organization from a small up-start to a major influence in the Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast markets. He is considered a brilliant business builder, difference maker, and invaluable community leader. From the inception of the PBCBBIC to Mr. Howard’s retirement in April of 2018, this organization interacted with over 12,000 clients/prospects, was instrumental in creating/retaining some 3,200 jobs, and provided over $31,000,000.00 in loan guarantees.

His vision of the PBCBBIC being an organization that assisted Black-owned businesses, providing straight talk, being trustworthy, adding value to our client’s BBIC experience, along with building economical and generational wealth will continue to be the goal of this organization.


1st PBCBBIC Investor Barnett Bank of Palm Beach County, $100,000.00
( R. Michael Strickland, President)


Barnett Bank of Palm Beach County

Mike Dyer

Vice Chairman
Southeast Bank, N .A.

Marlon White

Sun Bank/ South Florida, N .A.

Samuel F. Hinkle, Jr.

First Union National Bank of Florida

John H. Howard

PBC Black Business Investment Corporation

J.D. Smith

Florida National Bank

Joe Hill

NCNB National Bank

Barbara Walsh

Flagler National Bank

Jake Morgan

First Union National Bank of Florida

Llwyd Ecclestone

National Investment Company

Richard Miller

Gee & Jenson, Inc.

Tony Brown

Suncoast Chamber of Commerce

Tony Smith

PBC Board of County Commissioners

Carolyn Williams

Community at Large

Rodney Smith

Minority Business Community

Gerald Williams, Esquire

Corporate Attorney
Haygood, Williams, Olds & Rose, P.A